Bobweb is Arpad and friends.

Hello, my name is Arpad Rajeczy von Burian (or Arpad Ray for short).

I've been a passionate programmer since the days of copying BASIC listings from computing magazines. Nowadays I'd describe myself as a technical generalist — I'm comfortable with many different forms of software development and programming languages.

Before Bobweb I spent eight years leading the technical team at Stink Studios, working for clients like Google, HP and Nike. This gave me a very broad range of experience, from leading large teams to prototyping with cutting edge technology.

I created Bobweb to work on new technology driven products, and to share my skills and experience through consulting.

I don't do everything singlehandedly — for areas outside my expertise I have help from some of the best freelancers (and nicest people) in the business.

Would you like to work together? Please get in touch.